Baby Cot / Mattress / Pillow / Safety Sleeper

Safe N Sound Baby Cot and other sleeping products
Safe 'n Sound Latex Foam Baby Safety Cot Mattress
Latex Foam Baby Safety Cot Mattress
71cm x 132cm x 10cm (28" x 52" x 4")
71cm x 122cm x 10cm (28" x 48" x 4")
61cm x 122cm x 10cm (24" x 48" x 4")
Natural Latex Foam is the most resilient material available. Safe 'n Sound mattresses cradle every curve of your baby with total support as they always stay resilient, never hardening or becoming lumpy. Specially moulded pin holes and millions of tiny air cells allow fresh air to flow through, ensuring better quality sleep for your baby.
Safe 'n Sound Latex Foam Mattress Pad for Playpen
Latex Foam Mattress Pad for Playpen
71cm x 104cm x 2.5cm (28" x 41" x 1")
63.5cm x 91.5cm x 2.5cm (25" x 36" x 1")
Safe 'n Sound Safety Mattress Pad is cooler and safer to play on, providing peace of mind for parents even if the little ones fall asleep in their playpen. Also useful when travelling, the pad which enjoys the same benefits as our cot mattress allows the playpen to be used as a portable crib.
For safety reason, we recommend a thickness of not more than 2.5cm. A thicker pad makes it easier for children to climb out of the playpen and also means a heavier load.
Safe 'n Sound Latex Foam Junior Pillow
Latex Foam Junior Pillow
62cm x 38cm x 210cm (24" x 15" x 4")
Our Latex Junior Pillow is specially designed to accomodate your child's growth. Super soft density latex cells structure make this pillow the best choice for your child's comfort up to his teenage years.
Safe 'n Sound Latex Foam Safe Sleeper
Latex Foam Safe Sleeper
Our Safe Sleeper is designed to position your baby safely while asleep. Studies have shown that alternately sleeping on the sides and back will minimize the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), as well as help prevent head shape distortion. Also available as a travel set which includes a latex foam mattress pad to ensure comfortable and trouble-free sleep.
Safe 'n Sound Latex Foam Nursing Pillow
Latex Foam Nursing Pillow
Safe 'n Sound Nursing Pillow helps with the correct positioning of your baby while breastfeeding. It wraps around your waist for a secure fit while you feed your baby. Also can be used as a prop for baby learning to sit up.
My Dear Baby Cot products
Baby Cot Mattress My Dear Baby Cot Mattress
Art No: 02532
Size: 120cm x 71cm x 9cm
Baby Cot Mattress 2 My Dear Baby Cot Mattress
Art No: 02539
Size: 104cm x 64cm x 9cm
Playpen Mattress My Dear Playpen Mattress
Art No: 02555
Size: 104cm x 74cm x 9cm
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